• 5.91ct Australian Black Opal Ring

    18K Gold with 3.34ct Diamond

  • 19.81ct Santa Maria Aquamarine Ring
    The Special Design of ‘Burj Al Arab’

    18K Gold with 0.97ct Diamond

  • 3.12ct Unheated Ruby Ring

    18K Gold with 2.03ct Diamond

      • 84.27ct Carved Emerald Necklace
        The Special Design of ‘Taj’

        18K Gold with 7.09ct Diamond, 1.19ct Sapphire, 233.54ct Crystal, 5.01ct Emerald and 53.9ct Emerald Beads

      • 59.08ct Burma Unheated Sapphire Necklace
        The Special Design of ‘Queen Suzuran’

        18K Gold with 13.67ct Diamond, 2.31ct Sapphire and 1.24ct Emerald

      • 15.604ct Burma Unheated Jedi Spinel Necklace
        The Special Design of ‘The Star of BESTFORU’

        18K Gold with 27.47ct Diamond

      • A Total of 0.43ct Diamond Calf Brooch

        18K Gold

      • Mythical Beast·Winged Griffin Brooch

        18K Gold with 0.02ct Ruby and 0.10ct Sapphire

      • 13.24ct Australian Lobster Fossil Crystal Opal Brooch

        18K Gold with 2.28ct Diamond, 6.24ct Colored Sapphire and 0.60ct Garnet

      • A Total of 10.19ct VVG Tsavorite Earrings

        18K Gold with 3.22ct Diamond

      • A Total of 7.76ct Aquamarine Earrings

        18K Gold with 1.46ct Diamond

      • A Total of 23.165ct Spinel with 4.06ct Colored Sapphire Earrings

        18K Gold with 0.91ct Diamond

      • A Total of 54.40ct Spinel Bracelet
        The Special Design of ‘The Autumn of Florence’

        18K Gold with 4.08ct Diamond

      • A Total of 67.448ct Spinel Bracelet

        18K Gold with 5.548ct Diamond

      • A Total of 47.75ct Colored Spinel Bracelet

        18K Gold with 8.63ct Diamond

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